September 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We want to welcome you all to Grassy Branch Preschool. We feel very honored that you have chosen to share your children with us. You can always find a copy of our calendar, parent handbook, monthly newsletter and other information at Our e-mail address is We also have a Grassy Branch Preschool Facebook page where we post pictures throughout the year!

There are a few dates in September that you need to know. Please keep in mind that the preschool will be closed on Monday September 4 for the Labor Day Holiday. September’s book orders are due by Thursday September 14. Most months you will find the Scholastic book order forms in your tuition envelopes. Ordering books not only benefits your child, but it also helps the preschool. We get free books for the preschool when you place orders with Scholastic.

We offer an early morning drop off service to our parents who need to send their children earlier than 9:20. Our “Early Birds” begins Tuesday September 5 at 8:30 a.m. Ms. Laura and Ms. Lou Ann will be watching these children for the first two weeks. Early Birds will always meet upstairs in Ms. Erin’s classroom. Two of our staff will take on this responsibility for two weeks at a time. You will receive a bill at the end of each two weeks from the staff that worked Early Birds. Please do not include these fees on your tuition check. Fees are $5.00 per day per child. If you have more than one child in a family attending Early Birds, the fee is $4.50 per day per child. Early morning drop off is available every morning and you do not have to sign your child up in advance.

If you will be using our afternoon pickup service, please display your child’s name card in the dash of your vehicle. All parents, with the exception of those who have children in Ms. Laura’s room, will be given a name card. If you choose to utilize this service, you will need to enter the parking lot from the lower drive (coming from the direction of Tunnel Road you will make a right turn into the first entrance to the church) and form a line starting in the front of the preschool entrance. If you are exiting to the right onto Riceville Road, you may exit at the upper church entrance. If you are exiting left (going back toward Tunnel Road) you will want to drive around the back of the church and exit back out the lower driveway. Making a left turn out of the upper driveway is dangerous because of the sharp curve on Riceville Road directly past the upper entrance.

If you need another copy of the preschool calendar, or you didn’t get a copy of the parent handbook, you may find copies of these on the information table near the preschool office. Please note that the preschool does not keep individual tuition payment records from year to year. It is recommended that you retain these records yourself. If you need a receipt for every month, please let me know. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform us so that we can best serve the needs of all of our children.

Thank you,

Jeannie Sausedo


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