February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

January has been a busy time here at Grassy Branch. Our children have enjoyed all of the winter themed crafts and activities. We are hoping that most of that winter weather is behind us!

Valentine’s Day parties will be held on Thursday February 11. Please check with your child’s teacher concerning party needs and party times. This month we will be teaching the children that the greatest love is the love of Jesus, and that we can share His love by loving each other. I will also be sending out information about a food drive we are having to share our love with those in need.

We are looking forward to a visit from the “Tooth Fairy’’ from Asheville Pediatric Dentistry. This educational visit will be on Thursday February 18 at 10:30.

I am already receiving phone calls from parents who are making plans for the fall! We will begin our fall registration for our current preschool families on Monday February 15. I will be sending enrollment information and registration forms home soon. As always, if you register in February, the fall registration fee will be discounted from $60.00 to $50.00. Fall enrollment will be open to families outside of the preschool beginning Tuesday March 1. I will also be sending out information for summer camp registration around mid March.

As tax time is upon us, some of you may need our tax I.D. number. If your child attended Westminster last year, that number is 56-6048026. The Grassy Branch Preschool tax I.D. is 47-4324403. This number can also be found on our website in the parent handbook.

Thanks for being such wonderful, supportive parents, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to teach and care for your children.


Jeannie Sausedo, Director




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